The Brand Storytelling format for a new generation of consumers.
Instantly Recognisable
Stories are immediately familiar to users that have consumed the format on social platforms.
An Open Web Format
Unlike Social Stories, Brand Stories are created for the Open Web and not bound to any specific app.
Brand owned or co-branded
Brand Stories can be co-created with editorial teams or owned entirely by the brand.
A tap-through experience
Audiences are crying out for alternative options to the mindless scroll.
The fastest growing content format in history.
Supporting the world's leading newsrooms.
A spectacular timeline for your vision to unfold.
A Branching Narrative
Drive a multi-dimensional content experience using multiple story timelines.
An Immersive Experience
Mix and mach content type into a rich, immersive experience that drives brand awareness and strong emotional response.
The Evolution of Branded Content
Deciphering fact from fiction to solve today’s most pressing issues
By Caity Weaver
September 26, 2021
At the core of democracy is the duty of policymakers to consider the public’s voice. More than ever, people are demanding to be involved with issues that affect them—from climate change to rebuilding after the pandemic. As world leaders convene for the 76th United Nations General Assembly, no longer can experts say: “This is too complicated for you to understand.”Public debate and the exchange of ideas yield public consensus, and when policymakers consider this consensus, collective action occurs. But to ensure that this action is transformative, it needs to be guided by the best available science and fact.In an era of hyper-personalized media—when it becomes a challenge to distinguish between facts, interpretation, opinions, and misinformation—an open and transparent discourse that considers all the information is necessary if the public is to be reassured. Under the lens of public scrutiny, it’s not credible for policymakers to simply rely on the static—and sometimes entrenched—views of a few.In the tobacco industry, the need for an ongoing comprehensive and collective review of public opinion and the latest scientific data is critical in transforming the industry and for the benefit of public health. As with other global challenges, adults worldwide are calling for greater action and greater inclusion.
According to an international survey conducted by independent research firm Povaddo and commissioned by PMI, a majority of adults surveyed (81%) believe that their government has a responsibility to objectively review and consider scientific evidence about smoke-free alternative products coming from manufacturers such as PMI.1 Additionally, nearly three quarters (72%) support tobacco companies working with governments, regulators and public health experts to ensure that smokers have access to and accurate information about smoke-free alternatives.1At Philip Morris International, we strive for transparency as we transform our business to deliver a smoke-free future—inviting policymakers, the scientific community and NGOs to review and verify our scientific findings.By scrutinizing facts and including all voices, we can achieve public consensus faster and take well-informed collective action against the many challenges our world is facing. Embracing facts, new technologies and science is our shared responsibility and the least we can do to drive positive change for the world.
Behind every Cinnabon Classic Roll is an office of people dedicated to preserving its legal status, ingredient consistency, financial viability, informative yet friendly online presence, uniformity of storefront appearance, marketing power and cultural legacy.
Brand Stories
An attractive, visual-first format that engages, entertains and inspires consumers.
Branded Content
A demanding, un-inviting, wall of text that only a few users complete.
Driving meaningful engagement across the consumer decision journey
Branded Content
Develop vibrant branded content experiences, driven by deep cultural and audience insights.
Editorially Driven
The Branded Content experiences are created through the unique lens of the editorial team to create a multidimensional perspective into topics that support and advance the brand’s mission and values.
Authentic Storytelling
The new consumers aren't just buying what you do. They are buying into why you do it. They're moving towards platforms that encourage and celebrate authenticity and expect brands to do the same.
Uniquely Relevant Content
Consumers like brands that go out of their comfort zones. They love brands that lean into their unique strengths and offer an uncommon solution to a common problem. They love explorers. They love conscious capitalism.
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Product Discovery
Create visual experiences that entertain, reward and inspire consumers, in a format that’s increasingly dominating their daily content habits. 
Allow audiences to go well beyond the video ad and discover products within a self-contained, highly visual unit.
Create multi-sensorial experiences that actively rewards consumers while providing visual cues for further exploration.
Inspire consumers to explore more with interactive components, galleries or scene attachments.
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Actionable Content
Create actionable experiences that allow consumers to explore, connect or shop directly into the Story unit.
Enable deep product explorations with a full range of ecommerce integrations.
Integrate with platforms like Shopify or embed third party modules for faster development.
Lead Collection
Collect light leads right within the Story format.
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Product Feature
Store Finder
Product feature
Lead Collection
A native discovery experience
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